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Reinforce Your Pipe to Repair It Without Digging

Whether tree roots have damaged your sewer line or it has aged beyond repair, you don’t always have to dig up your yard. You may not even have to install a new pipe to fix the problem!

Pipe lining is a trenchless solution to reinforce an existing sewer line without digging – one of multiple solutions offered by our experienced team at Advanced Trenchless Solutions. We are proud to assist homeowners and commercial property managers across Wisconsin with this innovative sewer rehabilitation technique.

Choose ATS for Pipe Lining in Wisconsin

  • Contact our highly experienced family business for pipe lining (CIPP).
  • Start with a detailed camera inspection and quote.
  • Get expert advice to choose the right trenchless solution.
  • Enjoy same-day service and fix your pipeline without digging.
  • Feel confident in our solution with warranty protection.

CIPP: Installing a Protective Liner for Trenchless Sewer Repair

Also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), pipe lining can repair cracks, gaps, and other faults in your pipe with a liner made of epoxy-resin. This liner cures in place inside the pipe, creating a protective barrier between the original pipe and the water that runs through it.

Unlike pipe bursting, this trenchless method doesn’t give you a brand new pipe, but rather like-new. Still, pipe lining often provides enough strength and protection to withstand up to 50 to 100 years, making it a permanent structural repair.

Repair Leaky or Broken Down Pipes With Minimal Disturbance

When you have an issue with your sewer line, you probably don’t want a large trench dug on your property to repair it. But that’s traditionally how these lines are accessed, since you can’t fix a leaky pipe unless you can find the leak.

That is, until advanced trenchless methods were developed! There is no digging with pipe lining, other than a small access point for the camera inspection and CIPP equipment – sometimes no digging at all!

An Environmentally Sound & Safe Solution

Not digging to repair or replace a pipe protects the environment from things like tree removal and disruption to native plant and animal habitats. The liner material itself is also safe for humans and other living things to come into contact with.

When Is Pipe Lining NOT an Option?

  • Orangeburg pipes, a material that was used up through the 1970s, can be lined only when in good condition
  • Pipe lining won’t work with pipes that are extremely deteriorated or fragile.

Pipe Lining vs. Pipe Bursting

Our experts are ready to help you decide whether pipe bursting or pipe lining is the ideal solution to replace your water or sewer line. Schedule a camera inspection today to get started!

Book Your Camera Inspection to Get Started

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