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Replace Lead Pipes On Your Property Without Digging

Lead in drinking water has been a known health hazard for generations, but if your house or commercial property initially set up water service before 1988, there’s a chance you have a lead service line. Advanced Trenchless Solutions can help you replace it without destroying your Wisconsin property!

Most lead service lines are partially owned by the local water utility and partially owned by the property owner. If that’s you and you need to replace a lead service line in Wisconsin, choose our experts for the most advanced solutions and fast, friendly service – 3x faster than the competition!

Choose ATS for Lead Service Line Replacement in Wisconsin

  • Call or message us for advanced trenchless solutions.
  • Start your lead pipe replacement with an inspection.
  • Get a quote that breaks down all your options.
  • Access to financing.
  • Replace any lead pipe without digging up your yard.

The Problem With Lead Service Lines

Use of lead pipes was widespread across the United States up until they were banned in the late 1980s, and small diameter lead service lines present the largest ongoing risk for lead poisoning. A 2021 survey by a Wisconsin environmentalist group found that our state has the highest number of lead pipes per capita nationwide and the seventh-highest number of lead pipes of any state in the U.S.

There is no safe level of lead to consume, so eliminating these lead pipes is necessary, but it’s a lengthy and ongoing long-term solution. Many cities are actively working on replacing lead service lines, as the city is responsible for the water main lines, and much of our nation’s underground infrastructure is reaching or exceeding expected lifespans.

However, homeowners and property owners are responsible for maintenance and replacement of water lines within private property, which means the city’s responsibility for replacing harmful lead service leads ends at the curb. This leaves individuals ultimately responsible for reducing their own exposure to lead in drinking water.

America’s big lead problem is frustrating, that’s for sure. The hard truth is that it’s incredibly important to have your water tested for lead and to take proactive steps to reduce your risk. At Advanced Trenchless Solutions, it’s our mission to replace lead pipes with the least disruption to your property, budget, and life.

Trenchless Solutions to Replace Lead Pipes

Traditional methods to remove lead pipes and replace them with another material meant invasive excavations that shut down roadways and tore up residential and commercial properties. Thankfully, better solutions have been developed that minimize digging.

Multiple trenchless methods allow for lead service line replacement that causes little disruption to the surface environment. Only small entry and exit holes are required to complete pneumatic moling or pipe bursting – two options to replace a lead service line without digging.

Pneumatic Mole

Advanced pneumatic piercing tools provide a non-destructive way to lay pipes. “Pneumatic” means operated by air or gas under pressure. A pneumatically driven tool known as a mole powers through the soil, clearing a path for the new pipe.

Pipe Bursting

With this method, a powerful tool bursts the existing lead pipe and breaks it apart, simultaneously creating a space for the new pipe and pulling it in.

Which Trenchless Solution Is Right for Your Property?

Whether you opt for pipe pneumatic moling or pipe bursting, usually only two holes need to be dug (one on each end of the repair). Our experts will help you assess the pros and cons of each trenchless method after your initial inspection.

There are some circumstances where trenchless solutions are not possible, and we will always be upfront with you about your options!

Our Process for Replacing Lead Service Lines

When you choose ATS for lead service line replacement, we always start the process with an inspection. This allows us to clearly see the conditions and surrounding environment and recommend the best method for your situation.

From there, you will receive a detailed assessment on pipe bursting vs. pneumatic moling vs. traditional open-cut excavation and your property's specific advantages and drawbacks. We’ll be able to provide an accurate quote for each method and guide you to the right solution for your needs.

After we’ve agreed on the best solution, an appointment is scheduled for your lead service line replacement and financing options are reviewed. On the day of the appointment, you can count on our team to finish the job that same day, in most cases!

Schedule an Inspection for Lead Pipe Replacement

Let’s get your inspection on the books, so you can feel confident about the water quality in your home or building. Advanced Trenchless Solutions is ready to assist Wisconsin homeowners and commercial property owners with lead service line replacement tailored to your property and budget! Call us today at 844-513-4106 or schedule a consultation here.

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