Pipe BurstingNo-Dig Sewer Line Replacement Services

Replace Pipelines Without Damaging Your Property

The traditional dig-and-replace method for sewer and water line replacement often requires extensive excavation that can really make a mess of your lawn. Advanced Trenchless Solutions offers a better way! Pipe bursting allows our experts to replace existing lines without digging.

Homeowners and commercial property managers across Wisconsin have trusted us to deliver trenchless sewer rehabilitation techniques for years as our plumbing company, so ATS was created to make it clear what we have to offer – including our ability to get the job done 3x faster than the competition!

Choose ATS for Pipe Bursting in Central Wisconsin

  • Contact our highly experienced family business for pipe bursting.
  • Start with a detailed camera inspection and quote.
  • Get expert advice to choose the right trenchless solution.
  • Fix your pipeline without digging.
  • Feel confident in our solution with warranty protection.

Pipe Bursting: Long-Term Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Our experienced team provides pipe bursting as one of multiple trenchless technologies to replace buried sewer and water pipelines. Check out reviews from our many satisfied customers in Wausau, Marshfield, Stevens Point, and surrounding Wisconsin communities!

With this technique, the existing pipe is forced out by a powerful bursting tool. This makes space for the new pipeline, which is attached to the tool and immediately fills the void created by the old, burst pipe.

Minimal Disturbance to People & Property

Traditional methods for underground utilities construction can be very disruptive to people living and working near the construction zone, as well as pedestrians, commuters, and other vehicles on the road. Pipe bursting offers a method of replacing pipes while minimizing disruption for homeowners and cities.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Lateral sewer line replacement means less construction work in general, which means fewer emissions. Additionally, replacing a pipe without digging minimizes things like tree removal and disruption to native plant and animal habitats.

In fact, the EPA says, “In some instances pipe bursting might be the only way to replace sewers in wetlands, and trenchless technologies the only practical way to install sewer systems initially.”

When Is Pipe Bursting an Option?

Pipe Bursting vs. Pipe Lining

When you need to replace a water or sewer line, pipe bursting might be a good option, but it is not the only trenchless technique. ATS also offers pipe lining, where the old pipe stays in the ground and a new pipe is created inside it. Both methods require far less digging than traditional trench sewer repair (which we offer too).

Deciding between pipe lining and pipe bursting, if both options are viable, comes down to several things, including how much you want to invest and how long-term you desire the solution to be. Some environmental factors also come into play, like ground movement.

Our advanced camera inspections help us determine the best recommendation for your property!

Schedule a Camera Inspection & Consultation for Pipe Bursting

Trenchless solutions were created so that pipeline replacement could be a less messy job. But traditional methods are also available from our team, which some people still want when it’s the most affordable option.

If you want to replace a water or sewer line without disturbing your yard, pipe bursting is often the best solution. Don’t worry, we’re ready to help you make an informed decision! Every service we offer starts with a detailed camera inspection so we know what we’re working with.

Advanced Trenchless Solutions offers a complete cost breakdown between traditional trench repair vs. pipe lining vs. pipe bursting after the inspection to help you make the right choice. Schedule your consultation here!

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