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8 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Water & Sewer Lines in Wisconsin
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8 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Water & Sewer Lines in Wisconsin

As a homeowner or commercial property owner in Wisconsin, part of your responsibilities includes maintaining the various systems that keep your home or building comfortable and habitable. The best way to do this is by scheduling or performing preventative maintenance tasks to clean, tune-up, and prevent future problems. 

This applies to your water and sewer lines as well. Water and sewer line repairs and replacements are expensive, so doing what you can to catch or prevent problems will help save you money in the future. 

At Advanced Trenchless Solutions in Wisconsin Rapids, we specialize in water and sewer line repair and replacement, utilizing the latest trenchless equipment and techniques. You’ll know you need our services when your plumbing issues are clearly more than just a clog, like when your pipes are broken or corroded. 

Do your best to avoid needing our services by maintaining your water and sewer lines with these tips!

1. Schedule Regular Plumbing Inspections

First and foremost, you should schedule regular inspections by professional plumbers. Inspections will find any small imperfections or potential problems. 

A professional plumber will use a camera scope to inspect the water and sewer lines to locate blockages, cracks, or signs of deterioration. These problems can be corrected right away, keeping your pipes in good shape. 

2. Monitor Drainage

It is important to monitor the drainage in your home or commercial building. This means keeping an eye out for slow drains, gurgling noises, or foul odors. These could indicate potential issues with the plumbing. 

Call a plumber to check your water and sewer lines for problems. 

3. Mindful Flushing

Be sure to only flush toilet paper and human waste. Anything else will clog your pipes, cause backups, and end up being a huge mess. 

4. Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

When cooking, try to limit what goes down your drain. Even with a garbage disposal, food bits and grease can clog your drains. It will harden and cause blockages. 

Instead, pour grease into an empty aluminum can or glass jar, let it harden, then toss it in the garbage. 

5. Prevent Tree Root Intrusions

You can help prevent tree root intrusions into your sewer line by planting trees and shrubs away from water and sewer lines. 

You can also install root barriers or use non-invasive landscaping near underground utilities. 

6. Water Conservation

Conserving water can reduce the strain on water and sewer lines and drainage systems. Fix leaks, install water-efficient appliances, and avoid excessive water usage to minimize the risk of sewer backups and overflows. 

7. Flush Hot Water

To help dissolve grease and soap scum, pour hot water down your drains. Boiling water can dislodge minor clogs and keep pipes clear. 

8. Schedule Preventative Maintenance 

Scheduling regular preventative maintenance by professionals can help reduce future problems. Some options include hydro-jetting or drain cleaning. This can keep your pipes clear and functioning by removing buildup, debris, and blockages. 

Repair Your Wisconsin Sewer Line With Advanced Trenchless Solutions

If your plumbing system has persistent problems or breaks, consider calling Advanced Trenchless Solutions. Our trenchless sewer repair options can reduce cost, time, and landscaping disruption. We can help keep your water and sewer lines clear of blockages and clogs. 

For trenchless sewer rehabilitation techniques in the Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin area, call Advanced Trenchless Solutions today at 844-514-4106 or contact us online

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